Saturday, 22 September 2012

The one about sausage and chips

Two ladies get on a bus, one with a wrapped polystyrene tray of food. A short while after getting on, she takes the paper off the tray and consumes the sausage and chips. Leaving no mess behind, eventually the two ladies get off the bus.

On arrival at the next bus station, an elderly woman approaches the driver to complain about the smell from the food, saying how it upset her as she's not a particularly good traveller, and asked what the company policy was on eating food on the bus. The driver informed her that they don't allow hot food to be eaten on board and would have dealt with the situation had he been aware of it.

This wasn't enough for the woman, though. She continued to complain. However, the passenger eating the sausage and chips was sitting on his side of the vehicle and was out of view. She was sitting half way along the bus and the driver couldn't smell the food. Nobody complained to the driver at the time. He would have been completely unaware of this. Despite the driver pointing this out, the lady was adamant that something should have been done.

How is a mystery. I'm not aware of clairvoyancy skills being part of Stagecoach's recruitment procedure. Still, the elderly lady wittered on at length and is planning to write a letter of complaint. If she felt that strongly, why not approach the driver at the time, or even the lady in question? The mind boggles....

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