Monday, 18 February 2013

App-y at First Cymru

Technology. It's long been my opinion that some bus operators have been slow to embrace it.

First Bus have produced an app available for iPhone or Android, now available for download. First impressions of it are very positive. It automatically selects the region, though this can be changed easily. Users can search timetables which, while they appear as a long list for the region selected, are searchable and easy to navigate. Fare information is available (but not single or return fares, strange that most bus operators want to keep those to themselves....) plus service updates and links to their Facebook and Twitter pages. Users can view route maps and there's a section for checking the times of the next buses at a particular stop, though whenever I try to do something with that, the app crashes, but bugs can always be expected of a new app. One pity so far is that it doesn't seem possible to view or download whole timetables or even the booklets on the First Cymru site, but for me it's more user friendly than their website and is more likely to be my port of call for information. 

Great work by First.

Now a Stagecoach app would be very handy as I use them more often, but I'm not holding my breath of one appearing any time soon.

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